How to use the BuildSaver website and place orders

Using the BuildSaver web site is generally quite simple. 

We have listed below detailed instructions on using the site.

To Order and Pay Online

To order and pay online you will need to register as a user. The process is simple and can be completed by clicking on the Customer Login tab at the mid right hand side of our site. Once you have done this then click "Create an Account" and follow the instructions. On completion you will be logged into the website and you are ready to order. For future use you use the same login details. Your personal details are secure.

Layout of the Website is standardised irrespective of which page you are on, so you will always see the following:

1. Product categories on the left side tab of our site
2. Contact information can be found by clicking on the Contact tab at top right or self help can be found using the Customer Service tab, also at the top right
3. To find products you require visit each product section where we give information on the  product category
4. To order a product click on the product and Add to Cart
5. Once you have completed your entire order proceed to Checkout and follow the instructions
6. If you are unsure or require some help please contact us and we will assist you. We will also process your orders via e mail, fax or telephone if you prefer that to ordering online.(see below)

You can also contact us for a detailed overview of the website and advanced user instructions.

To Order via other Channels:

You may prefer to place an order by email, telephone or fax. If by telephone please contact our call centre who will assist you. To place orders by e mail or fax please email or fax your order to our Customer Service Center - contact details are as follows:

e mail:
Phone: CallBack Function - please e mail us

For easy ordering via these channels you can download our standard order form from our documents section