Can I physically view your products before buying

As we are a specialized internet retailer and warehouse products nationally in logistics centres we do not have dedicated customer showroom's. 

However as most of the products we supply are well recognised brands you will be able to view most of these same products at normal retailers and then purchase them from us at a discount with free delivery in most cases.  Alternatively many of our suppliers have showroom you can visit then purchase from us.


Because our business model is to ensure that we always offer you the lowest price for the same product that can be purchased from a traditional retailer, dedicated showroom's will increase customer pricing which we want to prevent, provided of course that you can view the product somewhere

What if I cannot view the product anywhere else?

We do sometimes make exceptions to this so please contact us if you are unable to view the products at other retailers.

What if I order the wrong item?

We offer a 60 day returns policy so if you do order the incorrect product you can return it to us for a refund