Online Shopping

Why online shopping is the future

Our Webstore has extremely detailed information, giving you an accurate picture of the size, shade and finish of their products. You can browse colours, materials and order fittings online, and you can benefit from free delivery. When you order online and have your fittings delivered at home, you will avoid the usual paperwork, as well as being able to store your details for future shopping.

If you are shopping normally but trying to find the cheapest price for a recognised brand, these stores are usually found in industrial areas where you wouldn’t go otherwise and are difficult to get to. Often they are closed at weekends when we do our research. 

Ordering fittings online means you can avoid making a special trip to browse in a shop, sometimes receiving too much pressure from salespeople. Shopping at a Webstore allows you to take your time, compare more options and to gain inspiration from other websites. Webstores can offer far greater choice than a warehouse ever could, and can update their stock information almost instantly. Free delivery is another big draw, as is the ease of having your fittings delivered at home. Fittings shopping online is quick, convenient, and offers a huge amount of choice 


Specialised internet retailers have a focus on ensuring low overhead costs and very efficient logistics systems to get products efficiently and cheaply to their warehouses and then to you. BuildSaver is no different – we are a specialised internet retailer - we do not allow any excess overhead cost or wastage that can result in higher prices as our key business is to get products to you efficiently and at the lowest price available in South Africa – test us out.

Order fittings online and save time

Nowadays, time is as rare as it is precious and shopping for fittings doesn’t necessarily fit into our busy schedules. As much as you would love to spend hours walking around in shops, there are simply not enough hours in a day for you to do so. That is where Webstore come in handy and will allow you to order and get all the fittings delivered at home. Not only is it convenient, but you can browse items and different decoration styles in the comfort of your home while you order online. Plus, there is the possibility of free delivery!

Advantages of online shopping

In addition to having fittings delivered at home, which prevents you from having to find a solution for transportation, you don’t have to deal with crowded fittings shops at weekends that can turn into a nightmare. Free delivery is also a possible advantage and that is considerable. You also take some time to think before you buy and won’t feel the rush to decide whether you want something or not on the spot. Thinking about different decoration styles for a few days always helps and whenever you’re ready you just need to turn your computer on and click on to our Webstore.

Order fittings online and stay safe

Some people are sceptical about shopping online, which is understandable if you consider the possible risks, but reputable and trustworthy websites, such as BuildSaver have security measures in place that prevent any issue when it comes to payments. Simply make sure that such guarantees exist and there won’t be anything stopping you from choosing new decoration styles for your house while enjoying free delivery and not having to worry about hiring a van to take items home. Everything is taken care of so that the transaction is safe and you even have the fittings delivered at home. If that still is of concern to you we also offer EFT (bank transfer) payment as an option