Water Purification and Rainwater Harvesting - Sterilight UV Water Purification

Should I use a Viqua Sterilight Water Purification unit for Rainwater harvesting?
We are often asked this question and the answer is a firm yes - rainwater sampling analysis has shown that often rainwater is neither as clean as you may think and certainly not sterile and of a suitable quality for human consumption. The excerpt below is taken from a study conducted by University of Stellenbosch:
SOUTH AFRICA: Sampling finds pathogens in rainwater tanks (27/02/14)
Sampling undertaken by researchers at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa has found pathogens in rainwater harvesting tanks in low-income informal settlements and rural areas, across five of the country’s nine provinces.
The testing found Legionella in 73% of samples, Klebsiella in 47%, Pseudomonas in 19%, Yersinia in 28%, Shigella in 27%, as well as protozoan parasites including Giardia (25%). Coliforms and E.coli counts were also found to exceed drinking water guideline levels.
Although the rainwater is mostly used for washing and cleaning, about 25% of people questioned said they also used it for drinking. The investigators said the findings reinforced a WHO opinion that rainwater must be pre-treated before being used for drinking.
Which water purification device is suitable for you?
This depends on the volume of water you require but generally one of the Sterilight Point of Use Units will be sufficient for most requirements
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