About BuildSaver

BuildSaver is the largest national online retailer and supplier of bathroom and kitchen fittings in South Africa with a well established and capitalized shareholder that has a long history of sourcing and supply of bathroom and kitchen fittings in South Africa and into sub Saharan countries.

The business specializes in online retailing of its partner products and distributes products from a national network of warehousing direct to its customers at price savings to the customer.

Shopping Made Easy and Cheaper by BuildSaver

Why buy via an internet retailer such as us?

In today’s world of a growing and faster internet it’s easy, cheaper, efficient, hassle free and secure

BuildSaver has brought internet retailing to you for the design of bathrooms and kitchens, allowing you easy shopping and big savings with the lowest prices for the same product you find at the normal conventional retail store

How long have you had the internet in your home? How many of your friends and family members have the internet in their home? A decade or more, is perhaps the answer. The benefits of the internet today are vast. We use it for work, play and everyday activities including communication and shopping. Although the traditional method of visiting shops to purchase goods remains intact and as popular as ever, the use of shopping online is rapidly increasing – we see it in our buiness every month, as sales increase. This is because Webstore offers so many advantages including time-efficiency, easy price-comparison with normal retailers, the ability to purchase goods within the comfort of your home or office, and free delivery for most items

How we service you

Choosing your products

The internet has given birth to a whole world within your home and business, and it is now possible to use a Webstore such as ours to search through thousands of designs to find your perfect online furnishings for your bathroom and kitchen! From essential items such as taps and mixers, through to more specific items tailored to fit your specific style requirements, there are often many choices to be made when decorating your home. The scope and range of decoration styles available often makes it difficult to view and compare them easily, especially on a busy Saturday morning!

So, what better way than a Webstore to help accomplish the task? With an online store showing all the designs, it is easier to get a perfect match for your requirements, as products are easily viewed at any time of day or night, and without the Saturday rush or whizzing to the retailer before closing time. Best of all you can look at the styles online while walking in the kitchen or bathroom at home to see the style complementing your existing finishes. Search functions can also narrow down the range of items you look at, meaning you don’t have to trawl the aisles to find your perfect furnishing and we offer detailed product information which you never find in normal retail shops

And you don’t get pressurised by sales people trying to earn commissions who have little interest in making sure you get the right product -if you do need extra help from us none of our call centre agents earn commissions on sales value – they only get commission on customer service ratings so expect great service and advice!

Free Delivery

Also, once your choice is made we off free delivery on the vast majority of our items. Invariably when you have made your choices at a retail shop there is still the need to pay a little “extra “for delivery of the items as your car cannot accommodate all the items – we do that for free!

Advantages of fittings delivered at home

Have you ever tried to fit a new toilet suite in the back of your car? It’s difficult and damages the vehicle! The beauty of using our Webstore that offers free delivery is that you don’t have to. Simply order your online furnishings from a range of styles, sit back, and wait for your item to arrive at home. There is much less to worry about, and you don’t have to dash to a store to spend hours viewing furnishings; you can view an online catalogue of our products at anytime, and it is much easier to share your choice with others who may not be present - simply send them the address of the site! Once you have found your perfect items, order, and then simply sit back for your free delivery…Easy!


We save you money. Lots of it! BuildSaver (and most other specialised internet retailers) has an extreme focus on ensuring we have low overhead costs and very efficient logistics systems to get product to our warehouses and then to you at the lowest price possible. We do not allow any overhead cost wastage that can result in higher prices as it is our key aim to get products to you efficiently and at the lowest price available in South Africa – test us out.

What if I really want to look at a product?

Most of the products we offer are well recognised brands that can be found at a normal retailer for you to view and then buy from us at a discount to the retailer’s price.

Need more information - please contact us at info@buildsaver.co.za