Spares for Items Purchased

Are Spares Available?

We carry a wide range of spares for any product sold by us. If for some reason we don't have it in stock we will ensure we get the item form the supplier, provided that the supplier still offered the spares item.

How do I order a spare:

So we don't clutter up our webstore with 1000's of spares that are slow sellers and to ensure that we supply the correct item we do not list spares on the website. Ordering is however easy - please just contact us and we will assist.

Spares for items not originally ordered from BuildSaver?

If it is a spare for an item we normally stock but you purchased the items at another retailer we can assist you. 
However as our specialty is making sure we offer you the lowest price on any brand we normally supply it is difficult for us to carry spares for items we do not normally stock. Depending on the brand we may be able to assist, but we cannot guarantee this.

For items we don't normally stock the best way for us to try and assist you is that you send us the following information:

1. Brand Name of product
2. Item needing replacing
3. Picture of the problem you are experiencing
4. Length of time product has been installed or in use
5. Where product was originally purchased

This information will assist us to speed up our reply to you for spares and parts supply